Tattooing and painting for over 20 years in Philadelphia, Dave Fox specializes in freehand and custom drawn tattoos in his characteristically unique style.  All of the tattoos shown are one-of-a-kind pieces, drawn by Dave, at the request of the client.  All of his paintings are original works, as well.  Dave believes that the best tattoo is made from the artist taking an idea and using personal style and creativity to design something new, unique and beautiful.  Clients should find an artist whose style they love and entrust them to make their concept a reality.  Copying ideas, artwork, and tattoos from the internet, magazines, or other sources are a drain to the creative process and devalue the timelessness of tattooing with trends that fade long before your tattoo ever will.  If you are interested in having a tattoo or piece or artwork by Dave, contact him with your ideas at Please respect the unique artwork worn and owned by Dave's clients and do not copy the images on this website.

Dave Fox graduated from the Temple University School of Media and Communication with a Bachelors in Journalism in 1994.  He has two published books of artwork by Presto Publishing, "Haunted" (2005, out-of-print) and "A Novel Idea?" (2011).